Hubspot messing up goals tracking in Google Analytics




I've added hubspot tracking code on my website inorder to track both collected forms and website chat. 


#Issue 1. Collected forms are working fine but its getting conflicted with google analytics goals tracking for form submission. 

#Issue 2. How to track hubspot chat as goals in Google Analytics.

#Issue 3. As we have enabled the messages, we are not getting the emails upon the chat completion

# Issue 4. When our agents are in online, system is showing the offline alert message to the end-users.

# Issue 5. Popup msg is not getting shown on website for the end-users when an agent has gone to offline mode.


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @massjo  I won't be able to address your first two issues as they are specific to Google Analytics. 


Please forward the address of the user that is not receiving emails. I can check our backend logs to see if these addresses have been blocked for any reason. (You can send via PM if necessary.)


Regarding the final two issues, these may be a result of local browser issues. Can you recheck your settings and check with a variety of end users on a different network using different browsers? Please ensure the end users have full js functionality, as the chat window relies on javascript for full functionality. If issues persist, you have access to our 24-hour phone support team who can create a screenshare for further troubleshooting. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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