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Hubspot forms are not collecting data

My hubspot popups appear as they should but when you fill them out nothing happens. No contact is created and no email is send to tell us. This is on all Hubspot popups. 

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Top Contributor | Platinum Partner

Hubspot forms are not collecting data

Hi @MHudson8 


How do you know someone submitted the pop-up form is no contact is created and you don't get a notification? Can you send the link with the web page where the pop up appears so I can try to submit it?


Also, have you tried submitting the form with another email address? To test it yourself.  If you submit the form, it should show a form submission. If that's not the case, something is broken.


Please note: pop-up forms are not supported in Wix due to the way the HubSpot tracking code is installed. Also if someone previously submitted the it will not display for them again. 


Here to help. 





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Hubspot forms are not collecting data

Are the form properties the same type (single line, multi line), and do they share an identical name? Also did you setup the contact property in HubSpot?


Also some browsers may have issues with popup forms. Have you tried making the forms static on the page? Maybe a banner above the fold would work great!


Let me know if I misunderstood your question and I'll do my best to help you!


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