How to make chat bot turn live during day time and auto response during non-working hours

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I would like ot know how can i make chat bot turn live during day time and in auto response during non-working hours.




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Hi @utin


This is not possible currently - chat bots are, by design, available 24/7. I would like to see this change too, however, as when a chat bot is used to control the handoff to a human operator, it gets messy outside of those operaters' hours or when they forget to set their away message. 


I recommend you search the ideas forum for an existing submission like this or post your idea over there so that we can vote on it. 


Hope this helps.

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I strongly agree with the idea and already upvoted it.


I think the easiest way would be to have at least the possibility to set the timing for the targeted messages.


In this way we could:

  • Set up different targeted messages connected to different bots based upon office hours / out-of-office hours, so that for example we can have 1 bot with a specific flow that foresees an agent handoff if needed and 1 bot with another flow, without an agent handoff at the end but collecting the visitor's data so that we can contact him/her later (this is what I would personally need)
  • Set up a targeted message only for out-of-office hours so that it's connected to the bot, while during office hours the agents immediately enter the chat

Would this idea fit everyone's needs?


In this case I don't think it should be too difficult for HubSpot to release this feature, we can already target the pages where we want the targeted message to be shown, so only a "timing" rule should be added...