How many versions of a landing page do you create?


I'd like to hear from others regarding the number of different landing pages you are typically creating that offer the same content. For example, you may have one version on your website that can be reached by direct traffic and search, but a different version of the same page for AdWords.


Here are some reasons for creating a cloned or slight different version of a landing page:

  • You want to suppress navigation on the page when for use in a PCP campaign.
  • You don't want to include a form on the page when linking from emails (since you already have their contact info).
  • You need a slightly different version of the copy to boost the Quality Score in AdWords.
  • You are A/B testing.
  • You're using an advertising platform that requires a conversion code on the Thank You page and only want traffic from that channel to hit that page.

We would like to limit the number of versions. I'd like to hear from others on the number of versions of a landing page that they typically create.





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Hi @mlennon1Those are great reasons for cloning and using different versions of landing pages.But things might become a bit unwieldly when trying analyze the campaign's success. Perhaps @Phil_Vallender could offer his thoughts? 




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I'm very interested in a solution to this issue. I'm currently debating whether to duplicate a landing page to track specific traffic from a magazine ad, or to use a current landing page with the same information.


Advice/options are welcome.