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How do you allow contacts to update / remove contact types?

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We have a form for people to 'submit their interest' in our services and that's all set up well.

BUT we can't work out how when someone updates their preferences, something they might have been interested in before and no longer want to know about can be removed simply by them not ticketing the right box.

eg: almost all our database currently receives info on 'Entering Awards' but if they complete the form selecting additional contact types but doesn't select Entering Awards, that contact type remains on their record.

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Community Manager

How do you allow contacts to update / remove contact types?

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You can set up a workflow to update their preferences based on their form reply, more information here


I want to invite to this conversation our top experts, @Mike_Eastwood@KHoefle@Ben_M any recommendation to @KSutton8 that is just starting with HubSpot? 


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