How/Where to put my learning into real practice to make the most out of Hubspot lessons?


Don't know whether I am allowed to ask suck Questions here but -

I have been learning SEO and Inbound from Hubspot since last month but I haven't got any beneficial opportunity to put my learnings into practice to make the most out of my digital marketing knowledge.
"Can someone suggest me anyway to learn digital marketing through practical tasks"?
I am in college and don't have enough time for internships, and getting freelance projects as a fresher is not that easy. I am also working on a website (Blog) but it needs some investment upfront.
I am sure that many have been in this situation when we realize that if we soon didn't get the chance to practice our learnings then we might forget our lessons and all the hardwork will get worthless.
what's the solution?

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Hi @4197836,


Working on your blog content is definitely a good starting points. 


@Champion and @MFrankJohnson do you have any suggestions for @4197836


I would also recommend taking advantage of the courses and tracks within the HubSpot academy. Some of the certifications include practical exercises which will motivate you to practice your learnings in a hands on manner.



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Great question @4197836,


When getting started, I recommend thinking bigger than just single blog posts. Consider outlining an offer you want to create like a guide or ebook, then use blog posts to help you puzzle it together. Learn more in this lesson (specifcally video 2).


Also, I'm planning to launch a practical blogging course in early 2019 (most likely February). Stay tuned for more education!


Keep up the good work. It's difficult getting started, but once you start going it gets easier. 




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