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Help with Styling/Design of Hubspot Pop-Ups

Hi all, I am trying to figure out if Hubspot pop-up forms allow for a level of customization and depth similar to the attached? (taken from CNN)

CNN Interstitial.png


As far as I can tell, current editing abilities for the pop-ups are super unsatisfactory. There is very limited level of control and editing. It seems I can't change the positioning of any of the elements of the poop-up, and we are always stuck with the bland, light grey background color no matter whatFurthermore, if it is possible to customize Hubspot forms such as the attached CNN example, can someone please tell me specifically the steps needed to achieve this?

I am on our marketing team, so it is important for me to scope out that - if it is possible - if our team currently has the skills needed to acheive this, or if an external developer is needed. Thank you!

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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Help with Styling/Design of Hubspot Pop-Ups

@MarketingMan  You would need a developer to achieve this design leveraging HubSpot CTAs. The front-end isn't quite flexible enough yet, but I'm hoping HubSpot will get there in the near future!


You would need to update the CSS on your webpage so that the styling can be adopted, check out this article that details how it works.


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