Getting contacts to auto create from forms built in 123 Reg webuilder


I embedded the tracking code and on the inspect code look-up says 200 ok.

When someone completes a form on the site I get a confirmation email into Hubspot but no contact is created.

Should a contact be created on the free version or do I have to upgrade to a paid version of Hubspot for it to be able to create a contact and use an email form field created in Hubspot in some way?

Any help appreciated  

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Ckbirch  Contact creation is not linked to subscription level. When using Collected Forms with the Free CRM, new contacts should be created in your CRM (especially since you are receiveing the form submission email).


We have seen issues in the past where conflicting code has blocked contact creation. You web builder is not on the list of know form builders that work with the Collected Forms tool, but it aslo not on hte list of know builders that don't work with the tool. Find the list of compatible/non-compatible form builders here.


If this is still happening, can you provide a link to where the form is located? I'll be happy to look further. 


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Ed Justen


Thank you


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