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Question: Is there a way to display all form submissions with the analytics tools (with an actual breakdown of the information)?


For example:

This week so far,

filtered by day,

total number of submissions (not just new contacts)


Right now it only shows new contacts because it's filtering it by the date created. I took a look at the form and it shows a total of 7 submissions this week and in the dashboard it only shows 4. It's great that we know who is new - but it'd be nice to have numbers for returning customers. 


Any thoughts/suggestions?

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Hi @ipowell ,


Depending on the tools and subscription you have, you could create a filtered view of contacts specific to the contact having filled out the form, which would pull in all of the contacts. 


If you're looking more to see this in a report, can you share what report you're looking at now, what you've tried so far, and anything that has or hasn't worked?


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,


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I would like to see a simple report as well, showing all contacts that filled out (ANY) form, filterable by time frame (last week, last 30 days, same time last year, last 365 days).    The report would export out to show name of form, number of submissions, and hopefully contact info and page.

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Yes! This report is totally needed. I would love to see/use a report that shows all submission by week/month/quarter/year. Currently, I report this in a spreadsheet by lead type and the number of submission in a pie chart with percentages of each. I track each conversion every day and put it in a spreadsheet (even number of times one person submits a form every day). Just a number of submissions would suffice for what I need right now.

There's the landing page report, but I don't need the breakdown of landing page views. Similar to the Analytics Tool report, I would love to add to a dashboard the breakdown of Sessions to Submissions (even those who fill out more than one form). Then even a breakdown of customer sessions and submission would be awesome.


For me, this would be helpful to report to our board of directors on how marketing is performing and knowledge for my team to know how well our content is performing.


Hope this helps and provides more insight to why this report is so needed. Thanks for listening!

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I agree 100% Carly! Very well said. 


A straightforward form analytics view would be so helpful. The current solution (narrowing down by contacts, list memberships, adding filters, etc.) is not specific enough.

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I would suggest the visual of the report look similar to the below but it would be "Form Submissions by Form"

Currently, the only thing we can report on is using a contacts report but it only has a 1:1 output meaning if a contact submitted multiple forms, it would only appear once. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 3.58.03 PM.png