{FORM} I can't use the same property for 2 dependent fields

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Hello everyone!


I have a problem concerning one of my form.

In my form, I want my customer to fill the dropdown list "What is your need ?" (for example a Logo), and depending on that, I want him to choose precisely between the types of products answering that need (Logo Pack 1, Logo Pack 2...).


I've made 2 contact properties :

- "Need" : a dropdown list in which you can choose Need 1 or Need 2 or Need 3

- "Detailed Need" : a mutiple choice list in which you can choose Need 1a, Need  1b, Need 2a, Need 2b, etc...


I want to add in my form the field "What is your need ?", and add the dependent field "Detailed Need", which would only show the answers "Need 1a" and "Need 1b" if the customer answered "Need 1" in the first question, and then add the same dependent field for Need 2 (with Need 2a and Need 2b), Need 3 and all the other needs.


By doing that I want to avoid the creation of too many contact properties, which would be unavoidable with 50 products.


The problem is that it is impossible because when I want to add a 2nd dependent field with the same property (a 2nd "Detailed Need" depend field), it tells me that "This field is already used as a dependent field".


Has anyone ever met the same problem ?

Or does anyone has an answer to this ?


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @jaafar thanks for the post / detailed explanation, it's super helpful context. 


@SeanHenri@agambina@therobert - are you able to lend your expertise to this question?