Exclude location from "Lead flow location"



It's possible to exclude pages from Lead flow location?


I created two lead flows, and I would like one to display on all pages except a few categories, but second only on a few categories.


How Can I do this?

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I would like to do this too, I have a main subscriber page with a form on my site and the thank you confirmation page, I don't want my subscriber lead flow to appear on these pages since the user is already subscribing, feels redundant. 

Inbound Professor

Hi @pawelwitek and @rfoster!


Great question! Currently, the lead flows tool has two location options: 


  • Pages that exactly match these URLs to specify the pages on which you'd like your lead flow to appear
  • All Pages, which enables the lead flows to appear on all pages on your site that have the HubSpot tracking code

At the moment, there is not an option that allows a user to enable a lead flow on all pages, but exclude a select few.


Currently, the best option may be using Pages that exactly match these URLs because it supports a wildcard option. For example, if you were to type in an option like http://www.yourwebsite.com/blog/* (note the asterisk at the end), this lead flow would appear on all pages on your blog.


We're always working to improve the features and functionalities within HubSpot, and having customer feedback is vital to ensuring those improvements are working for our customers! The ideas forum would be a great place for you to create an idea regarding excluding pages from Lead flow location. 


Thank you,