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We have noticed an increase in contact data from different individuals being written to the same contact record. I understand cookie tracking allows us to pre-populate form data for an individual when they visit our website from their computer.


We are struggling with this in two use cases:

1) If someone forwards an email from us. We have added the reset link to all of our forms to try to address this - is there anything else we should be doing?


2) If someone fills out a form on behalf of someone else. We had this happen the other day - a member of ours submitted an article to be featured and used the author's name in the first and last name fields. This updated our member's contact record to have that author's first and last name (note - in this instance the form did not include the email address contact property as a form field). 


We can't think of a good solution for #2. Most of the time, the forms/cookie tracking are working as we would want. But there are times people submit forms on behalf of someone else and it is overwriting the good data in our system. With previous CRM systems I've used, the email field is usually used to de-dupe the data (i.e. if email value matches, it writes to the contact record; if not, a new record is created). Since Hubspot allows for multiple values in the email field this doesn't seem to be an option. 


Any suggestions?





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Hi Katie


here's a couple of tips that may help you:


A) Disable Cookie Tracking for your form(s):

Cookie tracking: HubSpot recognizes and tracks your contacts based on the cookies that are dropped in their browsers. In some situations, you may have multiple contacts filling out the same form on the same device (e.g., at trade shows). In these cases, you can disable cookie tracking so that each submission creates a new contact.


B) Disable Prepopulate Forms for your form(s):

Pre-populate fields with known values: if a contact has previously visited your site and submitted a form, and HubSpot was able to store and track their cookies, any known field values can be pre-populated on the form. With this option enabled, visitors can save time filling out subsequent forms on your site. This option is enabled by default. To disable this option, click to toggle the Pre-populate fields with known values switch off.


C) Add a Reset Form button to your form(s):

When this option is selected, visitors who see form fields pre-populated with their own or someone else's information can click a Not you? Click here to reset link that resets the form. This will also disable cookie tracking in the form submission, which prevents any cookie overwrites.


Link to documentation for all options:



Have fun