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We have a landing page from which we want visitors to book a meeting (https://www.retireup.com/exclusive-limited-time-discount-offer-from-retireup).  We've done this by embedding a hubspot meeting form into a custom html module.



  • The page is associated with a campaign but it doesn't appear that a meeting can be tied to a campaign, so it's tough to say that the meeting was generated by the campaign (as I type this I realize I probably should have just created a custom meeting for just this page.) Any idea how to associate to associate these bookings with a campaign so that they can be represented as causally related on dashboards?
  • The submission count isn't incrementing as meetings are booked.  I assume that's because HS doesn't "know" the meeting form is associated with that page.  Is there a better way to set up the ability to book a meeting from a landing page so that submissions are tracked?

Thanks for the help!

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @retireup  As it turns out, a Meetings module embedded in a Landing page does not take on the characteristics of a form or CTA. Submissions won't be tracked and the meetings asset isn't recognized as part of a campaign. 


A workaround (albeit a bit awkward) would be to host a standard Hubspot form on the landing page to collect the basic contact information with an Inline redirect to the meeting link, or a follow up email with the meeting link embedded. This way, you'll be able to track submissions, and associate the landing page (and email if you choose to use it) with the campaign. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen



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