Document Download Tracking - How to do it right?

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We have an extensive library of downloadable PDF documents.  Things like datasheets, technical briefs, system models, etc.  Today we ask for name, email address and an area of interest as well as if the are ok with us pushing out our news letters and updates to them based on their area of interest.


We are new to HubSpot and I have to say I'm getting really frustrated because one of the key reasons we purchased HubSpot was to be able to track this information and based on what information folks downloaded and their approval for us to contact them to push out new relevant information to them.  It seemed like a task that HubSpot would be super at, alas I'm not so sure now...


I'm struggling with the right way to implement tracking our Download library in a way that won't create a huge amount of ongoing maintenance work.


Our website is hosted on Wix for the moment, but that doesn't really factor in yet as the trouble is how to get Hubspot to track downloads such that its easy to tell what a person downloaded and also how to automate the update of the customer record with list or checkboxes of what a particular customer has downloaded.


At the moment I'm thinking I'm going to take the following approach:

1) Have button on our website for each document a customer could want to download

2) When a user clicks the button they would be routed to a hubspot landing page with a form that collects the necessary information (Name, Email, Interest, want more info, etc.)

3) After submitting the form it would redirect the user to a URL that is a document in the HubSpot document store.  (If you click on a document link in an email you can then copy the URL for that document in the browser.)

4) so this gets the customer the document they want, and it gets us a record of who it was, and Hubspot tracks the document accessed and puts a record in the customer view.


Ok all is good except for the following:


1) If we change the document we need to edit the landing page for that document and update the link to the new document.  It would be much easier if we could simply update the document in the library but retain the same link (like what Vimeo does vs YouTube) is this possible in Hubspot to just update a document but keep the same tracking link?


2) Can you use the fact that customer downloaded a document or viewed it by clicking on the document link as an enrollment trigger?  Right now it looks like I have to use their completing the form to create the trigger, which means I need a different landing page and form (even though they all look the same!) for every document available.  This is a ton of make work that is hard to maintain.  Is there a way to enroll based on someone clicking on the document link??


I'm open to all and any ideas folks may have on how to do this better because right now I'm not looking forward to creating and maintaining about 200 landing pages and 200 forms all looking the same but named differently (and yes I know you can clone them).



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Hi @GaryTesta,


You can replace a file by following these instructions, it's a little bit hidden since the "Replace" option doesn't show up in the "Actions" dropdown. Click on the name of a file in the file manager and you'll see the option at the bottom of the sidebar on the right. HubSpot will retain the original URL and put the new file in the old place.


Regarding your second question, yes, you can use "Page views" as a filter type in workflows, see here.


By the way, you can also specify on which page a form was filled out, if that helps. When you filter for "Form submissions" in workflows, lists, views, you get the option "Contact has filled out form on...". No need to create 200 forms, since you can base your next actions on which page that standard form has been submitted on.


Hope this helps!

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