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I would like to know if (in free usage plan of Hubspot) I could simply desactivate the double opt-in option for every submissions of a non Hubspot form. 


My website is www.anomiz.com. It is a real estate website. And every time a customer would like to contact an agent via my custom form (non hubspot form). It sends the submission directly to the agent, and a few minutes after, the customer receive an opt-in mail... 

The formatting is awkward and I the opt-in have no senses as the customer want to contact the agent (which is external from our company) and directly after that he is driven to a opt-in to confirm his subscription... His subscription to what ? The customer just want to contact the agent, not being registered to any newsletters or commercials sequences. 

So it's really embarassing for us. 


Can someone tell me how I can disable this. (When I go trough 

https://app.hubspot.com/settings/4268276/marketing/email/subscriptions, it said me that I don't have the permission to see that (I'm Super-Admin)) chrome_2018-05-30_14-04-45.png
So thanks in advance for any answers,
best regards !
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Hi @RomainLaf,


I have a couple of questions:

  • If these are not HubSpot Forms - what are you using to creat them? A form builder or HTML, etc.
  • What software is actually sending them the opt-in email?

If I am understanding correctly, you are seeing the message regarding permissions because you are on a free account, which does not have access to marketing emails. 

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Hello @Josh,


Thanks for your answer,

Firstly : I'm using a contact form generated by a Wordpress Theme that I use (ApusHome).

Secondly, the opt-in email is automaticaly send by Hubspot. There is no other software used than Hubspot itself. 


Here is an example of what the user received after using the contact form (to contact an agent, not to be subscribed in anything)





Do you understand what's my problem ? I don't want to subscribe my user to anything as they just want to contact an agent by using my contact form... It's kind embarassing


The point here is that any website forms that are submitted where the HS plugin is active, the sender receives a double opt-in even when not appropriate.


Did you find a fix to this? I am having the same problem!