Delete a form submission from a contact record, or a contact from a form submission.


We have had a number of confused customers fill out either our "request a demo" or "request a preview" forms on our website. While we can use their lifecycle stage to exclude them from our prospecting workflows, they still show as submissions and are throwing off our conversion rate on the page and I'm worried a list will be pulled of anyone who submitted that form not realizing it might have customers in it. 


We need a way to remove someone from a form submission, or remove a form submission from a contact record without deleting the entire form or contact record. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @MStevens711,


Thanks for reaching out! The only way to remove a form submission from a contact's record and activity specifically is to delete the contact's record.

If you wanted to remove the record's form submission from the form's analytics altogether, that isn't currently possible at the moment I'm afraid. 


This is an idea submitted in our Ideas Forum that would allow form submissions to be removed from the actual analytics: I would recommend upvoting there.