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Creating a form for an e-commerce

Hello, everyone,

I am writing to you because I would like some help in creating a form for an e-commerce.

I should recreate on Hubspot the form you see in the attached screen; as you can see, being a form for an e-commerce, there are two forms: one for invoicing and the other for a possible shipping address other than invoicing.

The problem arises here: if you notice, in the form for the shipping address there is a box that the customer must check if he wants the two addresses to match, while he must leave it blank if he wants his order to be shipped to an address other than the billing address.

The form for filling in a shipping address other than the billing address can only be completed if the customer leaves the above box blank.

My question is: how is it possible (if it is possible) to create this mechanism within Hubspot?

Do you by chance have any other suggestions for creating e-commerce forms in which there are similar dynamics to those I have outlined?


I thank in advance anyone who can help me out.






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Creating a form for an e-commerce

Hi Andrea,



From what I understood, correct me if I am wrong, It seems requirement is for two forms, first is Mandatory and second is required only if the content is to be different from the first one. 


There are progressive fields that can be set to get the second form enabled. refer link - Create forms (hubspot.com) or Marketing API | Forms (hubspot.com)


As this is for ecommerce you might find the below Blog helpful on Creating order Forms.

How to Create an Order Form (+ 12 Templates) (hubspot.com)



Neeraj Trikha