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There might be a few among you who only want to count the conversion of a company instead of each and every conversion for all associated contacts.

Eg. your company Biglytics has 4 contacts associated, who have all submitted the same form. Our system counts 4 conversions, whereas you only want to count 1 Conversion, the one of Biglytics.


So what to do?


1.Create a custom contact property "First Point of Contact" with the Dropdown Options "Yes" and "No".

2. Create a contact workflow with the trigger "Associated Contacts" -> "is bigger than" -> "1" AND the contact property "First Point of Contact" -> "is unknown".

As an action you set the contact property "First Point of Contact" to "No".

3. You can build a  2. Workflow and change the trigget to "is equal to" ->"1" and set the contact property "First Point of Contact" for those contacs to "Yes".

4. Now you can apply a filter in your funnel reports that excludes all contacts whose "First Point of Contact" is set to "No" .

5. You can also create lists and segment by a specific form submissions AND the contact property "First Point of Contact" is  "No" to see the conversions for a company on a specific form.

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Thanks for sharing @Sabine !



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