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Hi all,


We are trying to measure our conversions to gain insight into where some of our better prospects are coming from. We are using the first conversion field to see where those leads are coming from and tracking them through the stages of the pipeline. 


The issue we are experiencing is when we put this into a report, we have hundreds of different values in the first conversion field. This makes it difficult to digest the reports and see where the good leads are coming from. I am wondering if there is some way where we could bucket some of the first conversions into a specific topic. 


For example, we host many webinars to generate new leads, each webinar has a separate form in HubSpot that registers them for that specific webinar. However, those individual webinars show up differently in the first conversion. Is there a way to have those different webinars simply be bucketed into a general webinar topic? 


Thanks for all the help in advance!

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Hi @acoman


There a couple of potential ways to improve your conversion analysis. 


First of all, I prefer original source to first conversion as a measure of impact. First conversion will have as many variables as you have combinations of landing pages and forms (potentially many) where as original source has a fixed set of values describing key inbound channels. 


If you want to look at the type or topic of the first conversion specifically, then you could group these using custom properties. You can set your custom property using a hidden field on the relevant forms or by using a workflow if you want to back date it. 


FYI, becuase first conversion always holds the page and the form, I advocate having as few different forms as possible. This way, you ensure consistent data across contacts (including when then reconvert, using smart questions), can easily group conversion types, and any changes are easily rolled out to multiple pages. 


Finally, HubSpot's improving campaign analytics may also offer you more insight into the performance of specific peices of content or campaigns. Campaign reporting is new though and will not work with old campaigns: How to use the campaign analytics tool


Hope something here helps. Let me know if you need any more help.

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