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Confirm email address in forms

We need functionality that allows us to ask the client to enter theri email address twice in a form so we can compare to make sure it is correct.

We are getting multiple new contacts created in HubSpot because a user has accidentally spelt their email incorrectly when filling out a form.

If we have the 2nd email field, it can make sure the email matchees and is correct

e.g. test@hubspot.com and test@hbuspot.com


This applies to new contacts filling out forms as well as existing clients filling out the form and spelling their email incorrectly.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Confirm email address in forms

I think you will have to handle this manually by writing some Javascript. Another options might be to use double opt-in which will require the user to verify their email after submission. You could create a workflow to delete the contact if they don't complete the double-opt in step after a set amount of time to keep your database clean. Or you could create a task to review the contact and merge/delete it manually.