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Compound smart content rules?

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Is it possible to have 3 rules for a piece of smart content where the third rule is a different type than the second (ex: Default, Country, List Membership)?  For example, a visitor from an EU country (Rule = Country = Austria) sees a GDPR-compliant form, grants consent to communicate and is added to an opt-in list. Later revisits the same form. I would like to display a non-GDPr form.






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Hi @wmflan39,


For smart content with complex rule sets like that, I'd encourage you to build a smart list with all of your criteria, then build your smart content with just membership in that new smart list as your criteria.  


This approach should give you all the complexity you need, and allow you to preview exactly which contacts will see your content.








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Thanks Trevor; I'm going to think hard about your suggestion. My main challenge is to present different content+forms to my visitors (GDPR-related) before the first conversion, so I'm using a list of countries. After that, the list membership is clearly the way to go.


Many thanks!