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Collected forms not mapping fields besides email

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I am trying to integrate an existing website which has WordPress and contact form 7 to HubSpot. I have installed the marketing plugin to obtain the collected forms and enabled collected forms on my account.


Whenever a new form is added, I can see that email is going thru, but not other fields as first name, last name, phone number. I know that these should be taken automatically in the existing fields and NOT into custom fields, but they are actually added to custom fields.


I am wondering how the plugin is mapping the fields. My website is in Spanish, so maybe the plugin does not understand that "apellido" es "last name" for example. What exactly needs to match in order to make this work properly? Should I change the label (text visible to customer) or the field name (technical name) to match? Or is this something else? I can see these data going as custom fields, but I want them to be on the default fields. What is the correct way of mapping it?


Here is what I have on my CF7 configuration: http://share.epiclemon.com/p7gL


Thanks a lot for your help.

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Hi @davidchavez,


The form fields would need to be in English for them to map to the existing fields. It is going to be the backend name of the field that will map them to the existing fields. If you did want to ensure the information is being mapped to the existing field for the fields that it will map to (list here), I would recommend making the external label and internal name both in English.


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OK, thanks for the help.


I would like to suggest a way of mapping each field in the form to each field on Hubspot itself. It is not safe to assume that all forms will be in English and that First Name will say "First Name" in the form. Hope this is fixed soon. I got a workaround to have the correct fields recorgnized by Hubspot and still show them in Spanish.



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David, you claim you've found a solution to work with different languages than English. Could you perhaps then also explain how you acheived that? Might be helpful for people visiting this thread..