Collected forms and Street address and City fields

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I'm evaluating Hubspot for our business and am liking it quite a lot. There is just one problem that needs solving.


I have a form on my WordPress page that has First Name, Last Name, Telephone, Email, Street address, City, Postal code and a Custom drop-down menu.


The collected form is working as I get the contact to Hubspot, but I only get basic properties (First name, last name, email, telephone) but street address city and postal code are created as a custom collected form fields and don't fill in the original fields that are meant to have these values stored.


Is this a normal thing and only the basics are supported to go into the contact properties and all others are created as custom fields or am I doing something wrong?


Regards, Jure



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Hi @jurearh  This is the normal behahavior of the collected forms tool. There are engineering reasons that prevent the normal propeties from being populated. This may change in a future update, but no promises at this time.





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