Can form results be viewed within a deal?


I've created a lead generation form through Hubspot. When the form is filled out, I can see the results of the form within conversations or by visiting the contact's profile. My goal is to view these results within a deal's activity so my sales person can quickly view the details on the deal.


If I view the results within conversations and try to create a deal from the message, the form results are not displayed within the new deal's profile.


If I view the results within the contact's activity feed, there is not a way to associate the "Form Submission" note with the new deal either.


Is it only possible to view the results of a form on a contact's profile or by digging through the form's analytics?

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Hi @WallaceD,


Forms are associated with the contact record. If you would like the information on the deal record, I would recommend pasting it into a note on the deal. 


If you would like to have forms available on deal records, I would recommend creating an idea in our ideas forum.


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Hi @WallaceD  - I have the same problem you do. If you post on ideas, let me know and I'll upvote. Otherwise I'll post it in a few days... 

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Hi @WallaceD 

To see the same values of the Form Fields into the deals, you can create a workflow and from the action tab ‘Copy property value’ of the Field form to ‘Deal’ property.


Trigger: Form Submission (Your form)
            And Associated deal pipeline


Sharing screenshots of workflow: