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CTA wont center embedded on external website

I'm having trouble centering embedded CTAs on our website in wordpress. We have button styling in our theme, but we can align them any way we want on the page using the WYSIWYG no problem. I embedded a hubspot CTA on this page: https://memoryblue.com/inside-sales-careers/ and have (in hubspot) given the CTA the same class name as our current button styling on wordpress. I have also put in the button styling code in the custom css editor. No matter what I do, what HTML I add around the hubspot CTA code, it will not move from being left aligned. It displays with the correct styling, but wont move from its location.


Here are other examples of the same issue across the site:







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CTA wont center embedded on external website

Hi @shangilhuley ,


To center HubSpot CTA in your link, add this code in your CSS:

span.hs-cta-wrapper {
    display: block;
    margin: 0 auto;
    width: fit-content;





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