CTA tracking on external website and Google Analytics

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I'm looking to integrate Hubspot CTA's on my wordpress blog. I am not switching my blog over to hubspot hosted. 


I want to ensure before we start implementing CTA's that this won't affect Google Analytics data. 


I've noticed on my site that when I put a CTA  that when I click the link there's a utm_referrer on the cta button link. Usually it's bad practice to have utm's within your own site as this causes Google Analytics to record a new session and skew analytics. 


Has anyone experience with this and Hubspot ctas? Thanks 

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Hi @katieliston ,


I have always used UTMs on my sites and I have never heard that it is a bad practice, quite the contrary, UTM does not affect anything negatively and was made to assist in reporting. Know the origin, the campaign, etc ...


All WordPress and / or HubSpot sites, I use UTM without any problem in the Analytics and HubSpot reports.


Wait for more comments from staff, but I assure you that UTM supports the report and not the opposite.


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