Bug-Duplicate Submission's By Same Email Id In Hubspot Form

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Hi Team

Regret to inform you that I identified major bug in hubspot allowing users to submit form multiple times by same email id/mobile number as their is no mechanism for restricting duplicate records like in Google Forms


Please refer following link as a proof if you can connect as I am also recent postgraduate and aspire to work together by being your consultant at Hubspot- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yaEzqDS8R0FPSi_1JuIWYMuxZsbuH3kf/view?usp=sharing

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HubSpot Employee

Hey Kunalarora, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


When you fill out a form, HubSpot associates your browser cookie with a contact. Form submissions will update an existing contact record's properties when the cookie or the email address matches that existing contact. As long as the visitor submits a form with the same cookie or email address, multiple submissions are allowed.


If a visitor deletes their cookies, they will be considered a new visitor and will be assigned a new cookie. However, HubSpot will automatically deduplicate form submissions coming from the same email address, even if different browser cookies were associated with the submissions. In addition, there is a mechanism in place to allow customers who want each form submission from the same browser to create a new contact.


For more information, please see: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/account/how-does-hubspot-track-visitors. Thanks again!