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Bot should display welcome message as prompt only once


We created a welcome message for our chatbot: "Need help?". 


As the screenshot attached shows, we've set up the welcome message to pop open as a prompt. This is all well and good.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 9.55.24 AM.png


The problem is that the prompt appears on every page that the user migrates to - even if the user clicked off the prompt on a previous page. That quickly becomes intrusive and annoying, and makes for a poor user experience. To be able to use the prompt, we need the bot to display the welcome message as a prompt only once. 


The bot currently lacks this feature. This is a very basic setting for good user experience. I have turned off the prompt, but of course the tradeoff is a missed opportunity for engagement.

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Hi @nstell,


Can you share a link to your website so we can take a look? 


Is the issue that the bot prompt is reopening when a user moves from page to page? Or just that the option to open the chat remains? If the functionality is not working as designed, I would recommend reaching out to the Support team (if your subscription includes Support). 



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Hi Jenny,


The site's humatics.com, though I've since disabled the prompt because I couldn't prevent it from reappearing on every subsequent page the user navigates to.


I have notified support, and they reported that the feature doesn't currently exist and that I should post it here to raise the issue with the product development team.



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Seconded here. This would be a useful feature/option - one of our users reported that they close the Live Chat prompt, but then the prompt immediately reappears on subsequent webpages. Objectively/constructively, this is not an ideal user experience. Would be great if the devs could look into this, please.


Many thanks,




This is sorely needed. Our chat is popping up 100% of the time, on every page. Users dismiss the chat, but it pops up again. Dismissing should snooze it, for a period of time set by the HubSpot admin. 




This feature is sorely missed. It is creating a horrible user experience for myself, I can only imagine what my users feel like........

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