Blocking free email addresses in the HubSpot/WP plugin




Struggling to find a way to block free email addresses when using the latest version of the HubSpot plugin for Wordpress. 


Any advice would be welcome! 



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This article should help you out - .  In short, there is nothing in the plugin that does this for you, as this is done in the form setup within Hubspot.


However, I would strongly advise against enabling this feature and do so for every client I've worked ever worked with.  At the very least, what I recommend doing is to setup a workflow for someone who gives you an email address from a free provider and try to entice them to want to give you a different address.  As a consumer, I may have a free account where I like marketing emails to go especially if I fear that I may get a lot, but I may be willing to share my work address for more personal communications. 

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Completely agree with @Ben_M . 

You can see how to set up a list of all free email providers on this community thread and build your workflow on that list.



Hope this helps
Thank you.
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