Assign contact owner based on selected option in form + Send contact owner form submission? Workflow

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Note: The following requires access to Marketing Emails and Marketing Workflow automation which is part of the Marketing Hub Professional  Subscription.


Step 1: Create the form

Form Example.png

You will want to first create a form with a field that you’ll want to use as the deciding factor on who will be assigned the contact. In our example “Community Form: Favorite Fruit Example”, we will be using a Dropdown property titled “My favorite fruit” with the options: Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Dragon. Remember to Publish your form.

Step 2: Create the Automated Email with Personalization Tokens

Email Example.gif

Next, create an automated email (Create automated emails to use in workflows) with all the fields you have in your form and type them out: “Field Name: {{add in personalization token}}””, and so on. After you’re done > Review and save the email > Save for Automation!

Step 3: Create the workflow

This screenshot is how your final workflow will look.This screenshot is how your final workflow will look.

Finally, create a contact-based workflow with the enrollment trigger to be Form Submission > “Community Form: Favorite Fruit Example” > Contact has filled out form on Any page > Apply filter > Save. 


Workflow Example 1.gif

Next, add in multiple if/then branches. You will add in all the different branches, one for each selection you have, and one in case the option was not selected (this will be your fallback option).


Workflow Example 2.gif

Then, you will assign contact owners to each of the branches by clicking on the Add Action button for each respective branch >  Set property value > Click on ‘Select a property’ and select Contact Owner > Select your respective contact owners.

Workflow Example 3.gif

Next, you’d want to add the next action > Send internal marketing email > Click ‘Use a contact property that stores an email address’ and select Contact owner > Select the email you have created in step 2 > Save.


Following this, you’ll want to add “Go to other action” and select the Send Internal Email action for all other branches.


Finally go ahead and review your workflow and turn it on and you’re good to go!


The above steps can be tweaked to be used to assign other property types to various owners with more if/then branches as well, or create tasks for different contact owners. 


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Community Manager

Thanks for sharing @ngottron! 🙂 


Thanks for this, it is something i use frequently in my domains. The only issue with this is that internal marketing emails can pick up old property submissions (if that property hasn't been filled out the second time), which is potentially confusing for the sales team. 


It would be great to have the functionality to actually send what is submitted on the form using a workflow. 


hi @ngottron,

Would this workflow/automated email combo still function correctly if I sent the form submission email to a HubSpot user that is NOT the contact owner? I need to send these notifications to several users, but I can't assign multiple contact owners at once.

Thanks for sharing!