All Form Submissions Blocked with reCAPTCHA on

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I am working on a WordPress site with HubSpot contact forms embedded. I just realized that the form is not allowing any submissions from email addresses that are not the same as the site's URL. No matter what is entered into the form, it won't even pop up the reCAPTCHA to fill out, and just gives the error "Please change your email address to continue."

If one of the email addresses associated with the site is entered the reCAPTCHA fires normally and the form works. It also works normally if I turn reCAPTCHA off in the form's HubSpot settings. I've tested this on multiple machines/browsers/locations.


Any idea why the form would be blocked?

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Hi @LorenS,


Have you tried adjusting your recaptcha settings?  Maybe try modifying the security level to be easier for the user and see if it makes a difference in form performance?




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