Adding UTM hidden fields to meeting forms?


Is there a way for me to add UTM tracking links to meetings? I'm not looking to add tracking to the meeting URL because I'd still like to have the parameters on the form to track conversions. I found this as a solution for some reason the "Auto-submit form when all fields are pre-populated" function doesn't work, so users have to fill up 2 forms in the end. And yes, we'd still want to use meetings as the form because of the calendar functionality. Anyone found a workaround with this?

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You should be able to add tracking to a meetings link: the parameter values will populate the contact's Campaign of last booking in meetings tool, Source of last booking in meetings tool, and Medium of last booking in meetings tool properties. You can find detailed instructions on how to create a tracking URL here.  

While there isn't a specific property for utm_term or utm_content available on the contact record, you can check contact submissions for parameters such as utm_term and utm_content in traffic analytics.


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I meant tracking in the meetings form, as hidden fields. There doesn't seem to be an option to create hidden fields on meeting forms and what I would like is to track the leads at the conversion point without having to rely on traffic analytics. Is there a way to do this?