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AI FAQ module - Alfred

Hi, community,

We have launched a startup called Alfred. And some folks asked whether we are planning to integrate with HubSpot. Are there others who might be interested in HubSpot - Alfred integration?

If you are interested, please post a comment with a + sign.

If you have never heard about Alfred, as most people. 😅
Alfred is a platform that allows you to generate the AI-powered FAQ widget for your website. This widget shows predefined questions and invites visitors to ask custom questions. AI generates answers based on a knowledge base or invites the visitor to leave an email for you to contact personally. It also improves SEO with a special schema code.
In general, it automatically improves the conversion rate a bit, generates leads, and gives valuable insights on how to improve website content.


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AI FAQ module - Alfred

Definitely would want this there is no other integration possible that does this

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AI FAQ module - Alfred

For starters, we can sync leads from Alfred to HubSpot. We can also enrich the contact object with events when they ask questions in the Alfred widget. 
We can also populate Alfred's knowledge base from HubSpot automatically.
And, last but not least, we can add a CMS module with the Alfred widget so it can be embedded in a site based on HubSpot CMS.

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Community Manager

AI FAQ module - Alfred

Hello @RomanKozak thank you for posting in our Community!

That's great to learn more about your Startup! Do you mind sharing with us what the ntegration with HubSpot would be? Any specific features you could share with our users?


Thank you,


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