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Lanchan en Septiembre 25, 2023
Hi Team, I am trying to set up my Knowledge base in Hubspot bottom right below unable to click on the next step. I'm also part of Service Hub Pro customers plan. Please assisist
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Asesor destacado
Septiembre 25, 2023 05:01
Hi @Lanchan Is there a message when you hover over the next button? If you have a Pro subscription, I would recommend reaching out to ...Leer más
ULeonardo en Septiembre 22, 2023
One of our company's employees, (a HubSpot account administrator), had a personal meltdown, and it appears that he erased our HubSpot account or he erased all the team from it– a big mess! Can I send the case to an email address for further review? Leer más
0 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Líder intelectual | Partner nivel Diamond
Septiembre 25, 2023 15:01
You're welcome @ULeonardo , I'm sorry there isn't more I can do to help. Hopefully someone on the community team will be able to provide further in...Leer más
ACandian en Septiembre 15, 2023
Hi everyone, how come that when I'm trying to import in the Knowledge base some articles that were been exported from the very same hubspot KB, the HTML of the body get all messed up? I have a serious amount of articles in multilanguage and Leer más
0 Me gusta
7 Respuestas
Líder intelectual | Partner nivel Diamond
Septiembre 20, 2023 10:44
@ACandian ah, I see - so you're exporting in one language and then re-importing in a second language. Have you tried any of the other formats...Leer más
BKostielney en Septiembre 05, 2023
Hi, we're looking to embed our Hubspot Knowledge Base into our company website and are looking for some guidance on how to do that. We're hoping to replace our current FAQ page with our Hubspot Knowledge Base in some fashion. https://versomini Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Septiembre 14, 2023 10:50
@BKostielney This isn't something that we've found to be possible with HubSpot's current Knowledge Base toolkit. I've spoken with HubSpot on multip...Leer más
dylanrivas en Agosto 31, 2023
I copied most of our knowledge base articles from google docs to the Hubspot directly without issue, including all images. For a few documents I had to copy to MS Word, then to Hubspot. I don't know why, but this solved my problem for 1-2 documents. Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Administrador de la comunidad
Septiembre 01, 2023 04:21
Hi @dylanrivas , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! This is strange indeed! If you haven't done so yet, I would recommend upload...Leer más
LFelipe en Agosto 26, 2023
Hi, greetings! I'm currently working on a FAQ ChatBot for a ibm.skillsbuild project. I'm using the knowledge base tool for this and currently using the free trial and possibly some features from it in the ChatBot too. And, i wish to know what will h Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Agosto 26, 2023 01:28
Hi @LFelipe , The chatbot is a free feature and you'll be able to continue using it after your trial: más
KCamacho4 en Agosto 23, 2023
I am currently creating a newsletter in HubSpot using a template. I would love to have a feature intergrated that either allows viewers of it to 'like' and/or 'comment' on certain sections of the newsletter that they like or a feature that show Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Platinum
Agosto 23, 2023 08:23
Hi @KCamacho4 , Theoretically, you could do this with CTAs or even links. It's not exactly the same as liking something on social media for i...Leer más
JPaananen en Julio 30, 2023
Hello, I have tried to find a way how to close my chatbot as default after user clicks hyperlinks. So the idea is that when our bot opens and it offers couple options as hyperlinks, if user goes to our contact us -page, i would like to set chat Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Líder intelectual | Partner nivel Elite
Julio 31, 2023 12:30
Thanks for the tag @BérangèreL . @JPaananen I don't know of a way to close the bot once something within it gets clicked, unfortunately. I ...Leer más
SCruz11 en Julio 28, 2023
I'm wondering if there's a simpler method to check the original publication date of an article. Currently, the only information I have access to in HubSpot is the modified date for recently created articles. To keep track of the "created on" dates, Leer más
0 Me gusta
9 Respuestas
Líder intelectual | Partner nivel Elite
Agosto 02, 2023 08:16
Including those details in the articles is a great callout @JenBergren - love that!
egami en Julio 27, 2023
I think HubSpot automatically caches pages and files on both CDN and in browsers. I have some questions about cache management in knowledge base articles. What I want to do After editing a knowledge base article, I want the latest data t Leer más
Accepted Solution
Asesor destacado | Partner
Julio 27, 2023 10:59
Hey @egami HubSpot uses cloudflare as the CDN, I've found the cache times to be quite tempermental tbh. I know with publishing pages it does att...Leer más
egami en Julio 26, 2023
I’m currently thinking about using knowledge base in service hub. What I want to do Publish Japanese documentation about a product Manage article versions for each version of a product such as v1, v2, v3 etc. What I’m thinking Leer más
Accepted Solution
Colaborador líder | Partner
Julio 27, 2023 12:53
Hey @egami 1. If you have a Service Professional Tier, a Knowledge base is a good option. If you don't have Pro or Enterprise, you may look fo...Leer más
JHuisman8 en Julio 15, 2023
Is there an easy way for a support agent to add a KB article to a support ticket or do they have to browse the articles and then copy and paste the link? It would be nice if there was a 'search and insert' functionality from within the ticket but I Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Julio 17, 2023 06:27
Hi @JHuisman8 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I understand that you would like to be able to easily search and insert links to your...Leer más
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