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SCruz11 on Março 01, 2024
I'd like to build a report on specific articles to include insights from the article pages. Is there a way to export information such as article views and feedback for a specific period?
0 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Participante de valor | Parceiro Diamante
Março 01, 2024 17:10
Hi @SCruz11 all of the knowledge base insights are contained within the knowledge base tool, there isn't a way to export the data (only the article...Leia mais
skylightipv on Fevereiro 29, 2024
Can I use the Hubspot tracking code from our website for the knowledge base articles? If so I assume it's just by copying the tracking script html into the Additional Options setting
0 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Participante de valor | Parceiro Diamante
Fevereiro 29, 2024 16:33
Hi @skylightipv that's correct, the code is added automatically by HubSpot directly which is how the analytics data is generated. This artic...Leia mais
Richard6 on Fevereiro 26, 2024
Hi everyone, Every country has a different edition of our program with unique material in addition to different languages. How can I create distinct knowledge bases, one for every nation? I've attempted to use the SSO list function now, but it Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Participante de valor | Parceiro Elite
Fevereiro 27, 2024 08:15
+1 to @Jnix284 here, @Richard6 . This should work for you!
FredSlade on Fevereiro 26, 2024
Our knowledge base is being created, however the search keyword isn't appearing on my page of results. Do you know why that might be taking place?
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro Diamante
Fevereiro 26, 2024 09:08
@FredSlade There may be a few reasons why you're not seeing search results. You will need to ensure the search results module exist...Leia mais
SSundarram on Fevereiro 07, 2024
Hi, I am not technical, hence this question to the community: Does anyone know if Hubspot's API's provide a mechanism for our webapp that collects new user registration or allows an already registered user to pass this information to Hubspot and a Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Gerente da Comunidade
Fevereiro 08, 2024 08:54
Hey @SSundarram , thank you for posting in our Community! HubSpot's API does provide mechanisms that could help achieve the functionality yo...Leia mais
Chen1 on Janeiro 09, 2024
Hi, Regarding the Knowledge Base function, does the offical Hubspot APP(IOS/Android) support this?
0 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Membro do Hall da Fama | Parceiro
Janeiro 09, 2024 07:07
Hi @Chen1 , If my previous reply answered your initial question, please mark it as an accepted solution! Regarding playbooks, they aren'...Leia mais
AStewartITI on Novembro 17, 2023
In Knowledge Base - Global Footer - Social Network, can anyone tell me how to update the Twitter symbol from the bird to the X? It can be easily done in a landing page but doesn't seem to be a KB option.
1 avaliações positivas
10 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Gerente da Comunidade
Novembro 17, 2023 13:54
Hi @AStewartITI , thank you for flagging! I'll send this to our product team and report back! Thanks for the ping @TomM2 ! 🙂 Cheers M...Leia mais
MCrivellaro on Novembro 16, 2023
Hi there, Does anyone know if there is capability in hubspot to create a fully searchable FAQ section where you can add keywords, links, images etc. I've seen part of the wiki page that hubspot offers but the FAQ we would like to create will i Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro Diamante
Novembro 17, 2023 05:34
Hey @MCrivellaro Yes, HubSpot does offer the capability to create a searchable FAQ section. You can create this in HubSpot through Hub...Leia mais
FionaP on Novembro 14, 2023
I am looking at customization of the chatbot widget to include knowledge base articles and relevant links, such as our tutorial videos, before giving the option to our users to get to the chatbot. Similar to what Hubspot Support has. Is there a wa Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
5 Respostas
Dezembro 10, 2023 18:16
Hi Fiona, This is available with Service Hub Pro and Enterprise. Please let me know if you need any assistance.
skylightipv on Novembro 13, 2023
Can anyone tell me why when importing a KB article using a CSV file I always get an import error for a <table>..</table> ? The HTML works perfectly in a browser so I have no idea why it wouldn't be valid. Does it need to be within i Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Gerente da Comunidade
Novembro 13, 2023 11:37
Hello @skylightipv , thank you for posting in our Community! Currently, knowledge base imports have the following limitations: Tables cannot be i...Leia mais
KLondo on Outubro 24, 2023
I am having difficulties in adding subcategories in other languages to existing Knowledge base topics, categories, etc. Can anyone help? When I enter the information where I think I am supposed to, I am not given the option to update/save.
0 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro Diamante
Outubro 25, 2023 02:16
Hey @KLondo Happy to help here : ) Have you followed all the steps correctly mentioned in this article here: https://knowledge.hubspo...Leia mais
ACandian on Setembro 15, 2023
Hi everyone, how come that when I'm trying to import in the Knowledge base some articles that were been exported from the very same hubspot KB, the HTML of the body get all messed up? I have a serious amount of articles in multilanguage and Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Participante de valor | Parceiro Diamante
Setembro 20, 2023 10:44
@ACandian ah, I see - so you're exporting in one language and then re-importing in a second language. Have you tried any of the other formats...Leia mais
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