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When will the Knowledge base updates be available?

So, I've found three different ideas in planning for the knowledge base:


1. Adding Tags

2. More Formatting Options

3. Anchor Links


One of these is over a year old. Do we have any sort of timeline for this? Or a general idea of when these updates might be released?


I reached out to support, but they said they didn't know of any timeline for it. They were very nice and said they'd let me know if they heard of anything.


We haven't moved over to the knowledge base yet because of the limitations it has. 


It'd be nice if we could filter the knowledge base or segment it out in some way other than just categories and sub categories.  We have two different products. With the current structure, it's just too difficult to differentiate between the two (if we have them compressed using the one knowledge base). Search results show results for both products and it becomes too difficult for our clients to understand.


Ideally, you should be able to manage multiple knowledge bases with different URLs.


Or even the ability to use 3 tiers would be helpful - example: product > categories > subcategories > article...


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

When will the Knowledge base updates be available?

Thank you for these notes and requests.  We moved all of these 3 categories into planning/research last month. As our support folks mentioned, there is no slated time frame for release on these, but we are beginning to look into them.