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We are setting up our Knowledge Base. Primary objective is for customers to self-serve and not SEO, but if can help in SEO at same time then great

So, in terms of self-service, have noticed that the "related articles" automatically linked by Hubspot are not that related. Does anyone know if tagging all the related articles with the same Keyword will help in this?

Secondly, in terms of SEO and getting domain authority for the general topics we are interested in being known for, is there any benefit to tagging all posts with KEYWORD 1 or KEYWORD 2 etc? Or would we actually be penalized in some way? Note that most of these articles won't mention these keywords within the Page Title or body.


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Hi @MissTipsi,


Firstly, I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. As outlined in this article "Related articles: to add a section of related articles to the bottom of your knowledge base articles, click to toggle the Related Articles switch on. Related articles are automatically chosen based on their relevance to the current article. These articles will automatically adjust based on article performance and visitor engagement."


If you are seeing that the functionality is not working as expected, I would recommend partnering with HubSpot Technical Support to investigate this matter specific to your account.


Thank you,

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I do not believe this answered MissTipsi's question.  The question stated that the related articles were not related enough, and the inquiry was if tagging would help the actual relevant articles be listed.  


"automatically chosen based on their relevance to the current article" is not clear how that descision is made.