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Tips for formatting call outs and code snippets in a KB article

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Anyone have tips for providing a way to show call outs and code snippets in a KB articles? With so little styling options I am trying to figure the best way to handle this.


As an example, consider this page: https://www.auditwolf.com/cloud-configuration-management


That is a HubSpot CMS page we have. Notice how we have callout boxes throughout the article? We want that same thing in our KB articles.


How could we do that? Anyone have ideas?

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HI @DanaEpp,


I wanted to share this idea to upvote which discusses adding more customization to the knowledge base tool.


In regards to styling options available now, I wanted to share a few resources: 

1. Customize your knowledge base

2. Guide to writing knowledge base articles (more about content than styling, but still a helpful resource!)


Thank you,

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