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Specific knowledgebase article on specific page via chatflow

We have a specific page in our web app where we want to surface a specific Knowledgebase article in the chat widget, to help our users more easily navigate this part of our service, and minimise support interactions.


I've found how to design a chatflow so that it launches only on a specific URL, and I've also found how to configure the Knowledge Lookup module to display only a specific article that is dedicated to explaining that particular page in our service.


However, even when in 'Display specific article' mode, the Knowledge Lookup module service still asks the user to input a question before it will display the article.

The chat service displays my Welcome Message, which is Module 1 in my flow.

Module 2 is the Knowledge Lookup module, configured to "Display  specific article".

But in practice, what the Knowledge Lookup actually does is show a question to the user:  "Please write your query, or type in some key words, and I'll find matching articles from our Knowledgebase"

They then need to respond with an answer (any random keystrokes will do) before my specific article is displayed for them.

This is redundant - if I've already specified which article to display, the chatflow should immediately display it, rather than ask the user for input.


Have I missed something in how to set up Knowledge Lookup?

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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Specific knowledgebase article on specific page via chatflow

@Foxy  The Knowledge Lookup chatflow is designed for the user to search the knowledge based upon entry of a keyword. If you have a specific article that you want to show every single time then I would just use a regular chatflow instead. See screenshot below:


Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 9.31.56 AM.png

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