Masking URL - Enabling Service Hub only for our customers without asking for a munal password settin



we want to use the Service Hub but do not want our customers to set up a separate password to enter the Service Hub. Our inital idea was to place via our software product a cookie on our customers computer that contains a password, linking directly form our SaaS solution to a webisite and cover this webiste with the password stored in the cookie. That would lead all our software useser who follow the link directly behind the password entry wall. We tested that in it works for password covered HubSpot webistes.


Unfortunately the Service Hub does not offer the opportunity to cover the portal with a single password and doing it the way described above.


Now we are thinking on how to still use the Service Hub without asking our customers to set up a new password for it. We want to avoid that links to content such as user guide etc. can simply shared with others. Could masking the URL of the Service Hub be a solution for our challenge?


Any ideas? Of course a single sign on woudl be fine but does not to exist yet.

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Hi @Holger_Z,


Can you share more about what your product is and why you would have a password on your service hub in general? 


Are you referring to content on your website that you would want gated, or something else? 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,



Hi @Holger_Z 

We're looking for something similar.


After some digging, I found a similar request here: which shows that it's in planning


Perhaps another vote will help 

We are also looking for something similar. Don’t want our customers to have to remember another login and password just to enter the knowledge base. Also don’t want the knowledge base to be public. I’m hiring a developer to help us out because I couldn’t find an easy solution.

We are having this same problem. SSO is allowed but only for Service Enterprise which seems odd. Why not allow for some kind of masking or SSO? That seems like a basic requirement, esp for Service Pro level access. Very frustrating.