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Linking Subject in form with related articles

Good evening 🙂


I would need your help, concerning  a support form in knowledge base .


My client would like that when the user writes something in a support form, it links with related articles of knowledge base.


They are looking for this funcionality:


To check functionality, please write in "Asunto" the words: "Enviar un email"- You will see that answers display related articles of Knowdlege base.


Could you pls advice on this?
Thank you!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Linking Subject in form with related articles

Hi @LMartinezRive,


Thanks for reaching out!


From an initial look, this looks like a custom-coded solution or a custom module that was either built by an in-house developer or agency. Our friends from the Developer's Forum would have good insight into this! 


I would like to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation to see if they have advice.

Hi @Anton@Teun@Kevin-C - Do you have any tips or suggestions for @LMartinezRive

Thank you!




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