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Knowledge Base editor numbered list can't be continued after importing image

Regular Contributor

We are in the process of migrating many kb articles to the knowledge base.  Many of our articles are process related, meaning, there's a list of steps to take.  We also include a number of images along with these steps.  


If I add a numbered list and add an image for step #2, the list is complete and I can't continue with the numbered list for step #3.  Example:


I think we are expecting one or both of the following:

  1. Hitting enter after adding a picture will continue with the numbering of the existing list.
  2. Some way to view the html so I can modify the tags so I can manually continue the list.  
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Community Manager

Hi @zachallen at this time it's not possible to customize the HTML of the knowledge base - but watch this space for upcoming features.


Try using Command + Enter (on a Mac) or Alt + Enter (on a PC) to add space for an image. Then Enter after the image to continue with the numbering.


Occasional Contributor

Yeah, this is kind of a really big issue for creating support KB.... We are trying to explain how to use features in step-by-step guides.


The typical format for me is numbered lists with showing images inline as the visuals obviously help. This cannot be done in the Hubspot Service Hub. Adding a picture breaks the numbering - the behavior detailed in the comment below from the community manager does not work on my end. 


Any news on how this is going? If the feature will not be done, then this might ean needing to change the overall structure of our KB articles.

Occasional Contributor

yeah more list adjustment functionality is seriously required. When I try to correct the source code in the module, it will not save and reverts to the old formatting.