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Hi All,


I just spoke with support and was told that there currently is not an option to host a discussion forum like this one currently offered.  Does anyone know of any integrations or 3rd party discussion board solutions I could link to that won't look too wonky?  Also, if there is a 3rd party solution out there, is there a way to edit my knowledge base page to include it, or would it need to be hosted separately?


I'd just like to be able to log and store questions that we answer so that we could reduce the number of times they need to do so.


Lastly,  probably belongs in the ideas section, but any chance we could get the same service tools that Hubspot uses through Hubspot?  I was really excited to be able to offer common Q&A, relevant knowledge base articles, etc right from the help bubble like I use here, no such luck.





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Community Thought Leader

The HubSpot Community forum runs on a customized version of the Lithium Online Communities platform. Lithium runs their own online community named Lithosphere where you'll find members from over 2000 brands using the platform to grow scalable world-class online communities. We find most Lithosphere members just as welcoming and willing to share as most members here.


Online communities and knowledge bases are typically separate entities with different goals and roadmaps -- i.e., member-driven content vs company-driven content respectively. The extent to which you connect the two and how you go about doing so will determine the level of customization needed for your use case.


If hosting/managing a large-scale online community is part of your roadmap Lithium is definintely worth a close look. The community growth tools (e.g., kudos, sharing, gamification options, badge incentives, groups, etc) and support team are top-shelf.


Hope that helps.

Hope that helps.