Integrating Knowledge Base with support form into external web app



We have a web app and are looking at integrating HubSpot KB and support form for opening tickets with it. 


In more detail:


1. We have a hosted web app, which has registered, authenticated users. These users do not typically exist in Hubspot (though in some cases there might be marketing / CRM info on them).


2. Our web app is used by customers to manage and monitoring online systems


3. In some cases users might have issues which can be resolved with KB type articles, in other cases they might need to request specific help


4. Today we use HS Service Professional to track issues, but this is totally decoupled. Support staff have to manually open tickets based on emails or phone calls.


As I understand it, we could simply populate a KB with articles, and host this under our domain as something like

We could also create a support form on this KB to open tickets as detailed here:


However we need to pass certain custom info (user and system ID) into the form, so that the support person knows what user/system had an issue, and also ideally to save customer having to re-enter information like their name.

As I understand it we have these options:

A. Embed the form onto our app (website)

as outlined here:

However I'm not clear this can be used for 'service' ticket type forms in the KB, as opposed to marketing leads? Additionally I don't see a way for our app to pass parameters (system id etc) to pre-populate the form with this data?


Use some form of SSO to integrate our web app users with HubSpot:

However this would require all our users to exist on HS which would be very undesirable.



Do a 'proper' API integration so our app can open a new ticket in HubSpot populating the required custom fields:

While C is probably the best option, it's sizably more work, and requires us to build the ticket form on our app, as opposed to having a user look through KB, and open ticket on HubSpot form if they can resolve issue. 

So if it's possible to use A and somehow pass in parameters to pre-populate the form with that would be a great solution.



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Hello @Rickety365 


Thank you for providing us all this information, I will be tagging some of our top contributors to share their knowledge here

@BethanyH@Josh@Gonzalo, any suggestions for @Rickety365  matter?


Thank you!


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Hi Pam / Community


I didn't get any follow up to this. Still be very interested to get some feedback on the above options and what is feasible. I can't believe I'm the only one who is facing this issue.