I can see Knowledge Base components in the design editor?!! Can anyone else?

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Is this going to be an upcoming feature? I asked support and they just said no and that they don't know why I can see them.


It would be so nice to have them, right now the knowledge base is so limited by it's simple designs that it's not worth us switching to it (luckily we have the startup plan so not paying $300!).


When you click to view the dependents of the components you can actually go to the page templates that it looks like the Knowledge Base is using..


If there is some Beta I can get on for it, I would love that!



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Hey @huddlehouse,


Hmm haven't heard anything about that functionality; have you reached out to Support? Did you check with your designer to make sure they aren't custom? 


Let us know what you find out! 

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@Anonymous we are all developers/designers and created our website in Hubspot. So we are in the design editor often. None of us made them. If you look at the code in them, it matches the layout of the Knowledge Base.


Yes, I reached out to support before I posted here. All they said was simply: I Shouldn't be able to see them and they aren't sure why I can. 

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Hi @huddlehouse,


Thanks for reaching out about this! As @Anonymous suggested this information shouldn't be visible (but I think you were aware of that Smiley Happy ). 


I have confirmed with the Product team that this was a slip up, and the content will be regated once the fix is pushed on their end. I understand your excitement around being able to see the elements, and while that isn't on the immediate planning boards, I have shared your enthusiasm around this functionality with the team. 


Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.






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I'd like to second this, we are also running into roadblocks because of the unchangeable knowledge base header and it would be great to design a header once, and use it across all things Hubspot. This would allow us to make a carbon copy of the page header on our actual site that could be used throughout your system to provide a more seamless experience for our users as they traverse to and from hubspot-hosted content. Thanks for the consideration!