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How to import conversations (articles) from Get Satisfaction to Service Hub?

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1. We are interested in using Service Hub and want to migrate all of our articles from our Get Satisfaction platform into Service Hub. We can export our articles as xlsx and csv formats, but I don't see that option to import into Service Hub. Can we do that?


2. I also say that we can import from Zen Desk, Fresh Desk, Help Scout, and Intercom, but not Get Satisfaction. I am wondering if #1 above is not possible, could we somehow import into one of these platforms from Get Satisfaction and a bridge step? Has anyone done this?

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Hi @bsm007,


While I am not familiar with Get Satisfaction, there are data migration services available that may be able to assist. 


Additionally, I wanted to share the HubSpot app marketplace which includes some options for data management.


Thank you,

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