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How to add external cookie consent banner to knowledge base

I've been searching for a while but it seems I'm reaching a dead-end.


We use the OneTrust/CookiePro consent banner on our site which is using different platforms. Some of our pages are WordPress based, part is Hubspot based and part is our own saas product. To manage cookie consent throughout the different parts we use the OneTrust/CookiePro banner since Hubspot will only let me manage their own cookies. It was easy to implement the script into the hubspot header for our regular pages but I get a warning that this won't be applied to our knowledgebase...


Unfortunatly that's all I get. A warning without any link to more information, and I can't figure out how to implement the script into the knowledge base - or whether it is even possible (which could have saved me hours if it was merely mentioned off of the bat, so if that's the case I will be kind of disappointed).

Do I need to add the script into a module directly? Any ideas to get me going again?




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Community Manager
Community Manager

How to add external cookie consent banner to knowledge base

Hello @rLangeveld The cookie tracking consent has to be done in-app and currently cannot be handled by an external system. With that being said, we have some customization options to tailor the consent notification to your liking, please check this knowledge base article here on how to customize your cookie tracking settings.


I hope this helps.





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