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How do i adjust my alignment so my submit button is aligned with my questions? This is kinda what it looks like ____-. The last one isnt in line with the others.

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Hey @Jna419, Happy Friday!


I would suggest looking for the section of code that contains your form and the submit button. You'll need to identify the HTML elements and their corresponding CSS classes or IDs.

Once you've identified the relevant HTML elements, you can adjust their styling using CSS. You may want to use properties like margin, padding, display, or float to achieve the desired alignment.


To our top experts @Jnix284 and @danmoyle do you have any recommendations for @Jna419?


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Thanks for the tag @PamCotton, happy to help further @Jna419 if you haven't been able to get it updated.


Can you share a screenshot of how the form is displaying?

Also what settings are configured for the form styles in the form settings directly, a link to a page with the form or snapshot of the code for the form.


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