Didn't realize I only had once chance to fully edit meetings tool

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I have a free account and setup my meetings tool without realizing I only had one opportunity for full customization. I'm not able to delete it and try again. Since I'm testing out the platform to decide whether or not I'd like to be a paying subscriber, I was wondering if I could have someone from support delete my 1 meeting tool so that I can set it up the way I'd like. 




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Hi @AndyExplainly


Once a default meeting link has been created, there isn't a way to simply delete it, from our end or yours.  What I've seen work for some users is disconnecting their calendar from  Sales > Meetings in Settings, then reconnecting it.


Otherwise, your best option would be to edit the meetings link you've already created to reflect the configuration you're looking for.  Are there specific changes you're having trouble making? 


I'd also recommend taking a look through our documentation on the meetings tool here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/meetings/use-meetings.