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Contacts directly to a list



I have two doubts...;

How can I make it so that every time someone registers for my event, they go directly to a specific list and not just to all my contacts?


In the same way, how can I do so that each person who registers, gets on the list with a specific business (whether they are interested or not).


Thank you in advance 

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殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner

Contacts directly to a list

Hi @EMendez2,


This can be achieved with active contact lists:


If you have a registration form for your event, in your active contact based list, you would click Add filter > Form submissions and select the form.


If you want to filter them by any question you asked on the form, you would click Add filter > Contact properties and select the field corresponding to the question.


An active list will auto-populate with contacts that meet its criteria at any given time.


Best regards!

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